About Vis island

Vis island is the  beautiful and hidden Mediterranean island without crowds and tourists, which offers a beautiful holiday in natural surroundings, it is a  perfect choice for anyone who wishes to escape the city bustle and the fast way of life today.


The Dalmatian island of Vis is less visited and almost escapes the crowds of the tourist season, leaving guests of this beautiful place to enjoy its natural beauty. Vis offers restaurants with exclusive fresh fish and local specialties, some of the best Croatian wines and the beauty of the Mediterranean that has almost disappeared in other places. Instead of grand buildings and tourist crowds, says the author Tom Robins, you can find landscapes that are aboundant with aromas of rosemary, lavender, figs, olives and grapevine on the island. The island has many abandoned beaches and bays which can be easily reached by a rented scooter.

The Vis archipelago, including the islands of Biševo, Sveti Andrija, Jabuka, Brusnik and Palagruža, and particularly the surrounding sea, has been identified as a well-preserved biodiversity hot-spot.

The island of Vis has many cultural -historical monuments and buildings. The ancient Issa (Vis) was inhabited in 397 BC by the Greeks from Sirakuza on Sicily who founded a settlement at the location of today`s town of Vis. It served as a starting point for further colonization of the Adriatic. The largest are the remains of ancient Issa and on the Pirovo peninsula there are remains of an ancient theatre and public bathing grounds.

Vis was strategically significant in the Adriatic and was fought over in many naval battles. The Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Slavs, Venetians, Austrians, French and British have all controlled Vis at different times. Major naval battles took place in 1811 when the British defeated the French and in 1866 when Austrian forces trounced Italy.During the Second World War the island was at different times under the control of Tito’s partisans and was the British Military Mission Headquarters.After the war Vis became a military base to which access was strictly controlled and it was only in summer 1989 that the island opened to foreign visitors. This protection from tourist development left the island unspoilt and the local population able to carry on their traditional way of life – fishing and farming.

The main settlements on the island are Vis and Komiza.

Komiza is picturesque  fisherman’s town with the most sunny days in a year, with hundred year old carob trees, picturesque stone houses, medicinal mediterranean plants and vinyards which are covering the hillsides. A long fishing tradition is present everywhere. One of the most powerful marks is Gajeta Falkuša- a famous fishermen’s boat, a highlight of that tradition.

“Komiža is one of those places that are impossible to be indifferent to, that you can fall in love with ease and that justifies the placement of island of Vis as one of the Ten last paradise resorts on Mediterranean”, by WWF (World Wildlife Fund).”

Island of Vis is perfect for people who love nature, want to spend active holidays and try activities like sea kayaking, hiking, paragliding, sailing etc.