A round tour of the Island of Vis


Departure from Komiža for a round tour of the Island of Vis

During the excursion, the guide will tell you some interesting information about the turbulent history of the island and the natural beauties that can be best seen from the sea. The first important point is the bay Pizdica in which we can find a natural source of drinking water, after tasting the natural water we will visit the bay Pritiština, brief stay. Continuing driving towards  the bay Stiniva – the most beautiful and most attractive bay on the island of Vis and wider. Upon passing through a narrow passage the true beauty is revealed, It seems as if we are in the embrace of a powerful and towering rocks, while the view of the beach and a few fishing cottages create a small world in itself. After swimming in the bay Stiniva the boat ride continues towards islets Ravnik and Budihovac. A tour of the famous ‘Green cave’ which is located on the open-sea side of the islet Ravnik, known for the visible green beam of light that penetrates through the opening on its top and breaks on the sea surface. The cave has two entrances, like portals and is very spacious. After entering it in semidarkness we will see the playful green column. After the tour of Green cave  we continue our boat ride towards the bay Stončica. The oldest lighthouse on the Adriatic is located there.You can also enjoy a beautiful sandy beach where swimming and a short break are planned. Lunch is optional. After visiting Stončica, we will  visit Parja, a military tunnel for submarines and ships. Enjoyin the north part of the island our next stop is the bay Okjucina- with a re-enactment of Battle of Vis (1866) which took place there and  the bunkers next to the bay Perna. Return to Komiža.

Note: On request you can visit  the Blue cave and then continue a round tour of the  island of Vis

Duration of excursion- 5 h


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