Sailing trips on Gajeta Falkuša


– Whole day sailing on gajeta Falkusa- duration 5-6 hours

– 3 hours sailing experience

Join the specific and recognisable programs based on experiencing the local tradition sailing on the gajeta! Sail with us to the past centuries and taste this world known historical boat in her homeland – the Vis archipelago, one of the last ten Mediterranean paradise oases! ( by WWF)

What kind of the boat is it?
Gajeta Falkuša is an ancient wooden fishing boat, one of the central symbols of thousand year old fisheries tradition in Komiža. Gajeta falkuša is 9 m long and 2.55 m wide (without the removable strakes). It has a lateen sail and a jib, of an overall 90 m2 area. The fishermen of Komiža developed a special type of gajeta with removable wooden strakes for fishing at the distant Palagruža. For centuries, they were the only open sea fishermen on the Adriatic.

In addition to providing an unforgettable experience of the local ambiance, a tourist offer based on sailing with lateen sails on the presents a fully environmentally adapted concept which preserves the purity of the maritime zone and poses absolutely no danger to the marine flora and fauna. The visitors are introduced to the natural and cultural heritage in a specific way and are made aware of the frailty, sensitivity and beauty of nature. CLICK ON PHOTOGALLERY

Sailing routes are depending on weather conditions. Usual routes are around Bisevo island with visiting Blue cave,south side of Vis island with visiting all famous bays including Stiniva bay and Green cave or upon request  we can adjust the route to the client. Sailing trips includes educational part where  guests will hear all about traditional sailing and fishing tradition. Guests will be offered to row and sail the gajeta falkusa. On request lunch.


Promotional video / Gajeta Falkusa sailing programe



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