Speed boat adventure

Explore the Vis archipelago

Explore the islands of  Vis, Biševo and open-sea islands Palagruža, Brusnik and Jabuka with a speed boat for 12 people ( 250 HP) in the company of an experienced captain and a guide and if you need transportation to the neighbouring islands of Hvar or Brač, do not hesitate to contact us. We will get you to your destination as soon as possible. All tours depend on the weather conditions. CLICK ON PHOTOGALLERY



The Island of Biševo is 5 nautical miles away from Komiža. It is best known for its rare natural phenomenon, Modra špilja (‘Blue cave’). The interior of the cave and the sea inside it are an indescribable silver-blue colour. The rays of sun that penetrate through the only crack into the cave are reflected in the sea, creating incredible light effects. On the island there is also Medvedina špilja (‘Monk seals’ cave) – a cave on which beach the Mediterranean monk seal used to reside.

Biševo leaves everyone breathless, the combination of natural phenomena, sandy bays, friendly islanders, the quality Biševo Plavac wine and other island products will remain in your lasting memory. These are only a few words about this enchanting islet; you will have to investigate the rest on your own.

You can choose beween three different types of excursions..


Only 15-min drive by speed boat to Blue cave, tour of Blue cave, brief stay in Mezzoporat bay, return to Komiža.

Duration: 1-1,5 h


15-min drive to Mezzoprat bay, tour of Blue cave, 30 min. stay  in Mezzoporat bay (stay on the beach and  swimming), visiting “Monk seal cave”, second cave on Bisevo island. Most of the Adriatic habitats of the seal were in the Vis archipelago. According to some source, the colonies of this marine mammal disappeared from Croatian outlying island in the nineteen-sixties.

In the Monk seal cave it is allowed to swim. Duration: 2,5-3  hours.


Visit three most attractive caves on islands Vis and Bisevo ! After visiting Blue cave and Monk seal cave,  explore the beauty of the Green cave which is located on the open-sea side of the islet Ravnik. Green cave is  known for the visible green beam of light that penetrates through the opening on its top and breaks on the sea surface. Duration: 4-4,5 hours.

Whole-day excursion to the island of Biševo visiting Blue cave and sandy beach Porat

Departure from Komiža, transport by speed boat to island of Biševo (15 minutes). We will disembark on the Mezzoporat bay and visit Blue cave by small boats. After we will visit bay of Porat and sandy beach on the western open-sea side of the island. In this beautiful sandy bay we will have time to take a swim, play picigin and when you become hungry our friendly host Jakša, the owner of the small restaurant on the beach can prepare you a lunch. Return by speed boat in the afternoon hours.

Duration of excursion- 6-7 h

Note: If the winds are to strong, because of its small opening in the Blue cave is not possible to enter.



Departure from Komiža for a round tour of the Island of Vis

During the excursion, the guide will tell you some interesting information about the turbulent history of the island and the natural beauties that can be best seen from the sea. The first important point is the bay Pizdica in which we can find a natural source of drinking water, after tasting the natural water we will visit the bay Pritiština, brief stay. Continuing driving towards  the bay Stiniva – the most beautiful and most attractive bay on the island of Vis and wider. Upon passing through a narrow passage the true beauty is revealed, It seems as if we are in the embrace of a powerful and towering rocks, while the view of the beach and a few fishing cottages create a small world in itself. After swimming in the bay Stiniva the boat ride continues towards islets Ravnik and Budihovac. A tour of the famous ‘Green cave’ which is located on the open-sea side of the islet Ravnik, known for the visible green beam of light that penetrates through the opening on its top and breaks on the sea surface. The cave has two entrances, like portals and is very spacious. After entering it in semidarkness we will see the playful green column. After the tour of Green cave  we continue our boat ride towards the bay Stončica. The oldest lighthouse on the Adriatic is located there.You can also enjoy a beautiful sandy beach where swimming and a short break are planned. Lunch is optional. After visiting Stončica, we will  visit Parja, a military tunnel for submarines and ships. Enjoyin the north part of the island our next stop is the bay Okjucina- with a re-enactment of Battle of Vis (1866) which took place there and  the bunkers next to the bay Perna. Return to Komiža.

Note: On request you can visit  the Blue cave and then continue a round tour of the  island of Vis

Duration of excursion- 5 h



Palagruža is an island 42 nautical miles away from Komiža, and since it is an island completely exposed to the sea and winds, stable weather is necessary for this excursion. We set off by a motor boat in the early morning hours, and in an hour and a half we will already find ourselves in the heart of the Adriatic, on the furthermost Croatian island of exceptional beauty and rich history. 1400 metres long, 300 metres wide and 90 meters high, Palagruža is the largest island of the Palagruža archipelago. On Palagruža there is an archaeological site and findings have proven Palagruža was the island of the Greek hero Diomedes. The island is a nature reserve with plant and animal endemic species.On Diomedes’s island, along with a visit to the largest lighthouse on the Adriatic, you will find out everything about the rich history of this open-sea island and hear some of the most interesting fishermen stories.

Return to Komiža in the afternoon hours.

Duration of excursion- 8-9 h



The islands Brusnik and Jabuka are the only two Croatian islands that are completely built from lava, and together with a third island, Palagruža, which is only partly of eruptive origin, belong to the Vis archipelago and form the Adriatic volcanic triangle.

The volcanic islet Brusnik is located 13 nautical miles from Komiža, it is protected as a nature monument, and is special because of its geological structure, and its plant and wildlife, including some endemic species. We set off in the morning hours from Komiža, 30 minute motor boat ride. When we arrive to this island with a moon-like terrain, we will take for a walk along its cyclopean beach, greet the black lizard, admire the endemic plants (Brusnik centaurea), hear interesting fishermen stories and see the so called ‘jastožeras’. Jastožeras are places where fishermen used to keep lobsters, and they are located in a natural fissure that divides the island into two parts. After we take a swim at this open-sea island, we will continue the boat ride towards the island of Jabuka.

The island Jabuka is made of lava that contains plenty of magnetites and ascends pyramidically from the sea that, because of the huge depths, is of a very dark colour. The Island of Jabuka is, just like Brusnik, a protected natural monument.

Since Jabuka’s rocks contain so much magnetite, compasses near Jabuka simply “go crazy” and become useless. There are endemic plants on Jabuka as well. This island sticks out of the endless azure like a sail, a ship without a captain and crew that is left to float forever, and only the bravest dare walk its rough volcanic rock.

Duration of excursion- 6-7 h

Note: On request you can visit only Brusnik island


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