Vis discovery

Discover Vis island from ancient times to the present

Vis was strategically significant in the Adriatic and was fought over in many naval battles. The Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Slavs, Venetians, Austrians, French and British have all controlled Vis at different times. Major naval battles took place in 1811 when the British defeated the French and in 1866 when Austrian forces trounced Italy. During the Second World War the island was at different times under the control of Tito’s partisans and was the British Military Mission Headquarters. After the war Vis became a military base to which access was strictly controlled and it was only in summer 1989 that the island opened to foreign visitors.

Tour of the island begins with historical explanations reaching back to ancient times until the present. We will learn more about the island of Vis and see all important sites. We will visit the Tito’s cave, Hum peak (587m), former RAF airport, cricket field in Plisko poje, George III fort, former military base Parja, submarine tunnej “Jastog” and the town of Vis (Greek cemetary, Roman bath). We will enjoy in the view of the picturesque little villages, see vineyards and olive groves, visit the most important cultural and history sites, hear the most important history facts from ancient Issa to the present. Possibility of lunch in agrotourism and taste local island products.

Duration: 5 h, excursion is appropriate for children above 6. Tour is guided in English.

Departure from Vis or Komiza- CLICK ON PHOTOGALLERY


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