Volcanic islands Brusnik and Jabuka


The islands Brusnik and Jabuka are the only two Croatian islands that are completely built from lava, and together with a third island, Palagruža, which is only partly of eruptive origin, belong to the Vis archipelago and form the Adriatic volcanic triangle.

The volcanic islet Brusnik is located 13 nautical miles from Komiža, it is protected as a nature monument, and is special because of its geological structure, and its plant and wildlife, including some endemic species. We set off in the morning hours from Komiža, 30 minute motor boat ride. When we arrive to this island with a moon-like terrain, we will take for a walk along its cyclopean beach, greet the black lizard, admire the endemic plants (Brusnik centaurea), hear interesting fishermen stories and see the so called ‘jastožeras’. Jastožeras are places where fishermen used to keep lobsters, and they are located in a natural fissure that divides the island into two parts. After we take a swim at this open-sea island, we will continue the boat ride towards the island of Jabuka.

The island Jabuka is made of lava that contains plenty of magnetites and ascends pyramidically from the sea that, because of the huge depths, is of a very dark colour. The Island of Jabuka is, just like Brusnik, a protected natural monument.

Since Jabuka’s rocks contain so much magnetite, compasses near Jabuka simply “go crazy” and become useless. There are endemic plants on Jabuka as well. This island sticks out of the endless azure like a sail, a ship without a captain and crew that is left to float forever, and only the bravest dare walk its rough volcanic rock.

Duration of excursion- 6-7 h

Note: On request you can visit only Brusnik island


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