Vis – Discovery & Military tour

The island of Vis besides its natural beauty has very rich history. From the ancient times Vis is know as Greek polis. The Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Slavs, Venetians, Austrians, French and British have all controlled Vis at different times. Vis was intensively fortified from early 19th century, first by UK, then by Austro-Hungarian Empire and everybody else who controlled the island. Major naval battles took place in 1811 when the British defeated the French ( Sir W.Host) and in 1866 when Austrian forces trounced Italy ( Admiral Tegetthoff). During the Second World War the island was at different times under the control of Tito’s partisans and was the British Military Mission Headquarters. After the war Vis became a military base to which access was strictly controlled and it was only in summer 1998 that the island opened to foreign visitors.

Vis is recognized as a fortified island and his character as a strategically important island is reflected by the numerous of forts, underground tunnels and military bases.

Find out why Vis was called “Key of the Adriatic” and with proffesional guides explore this mysterious island!

INFO: Every activity is guided professional. Bring good shoes for walking. Helmets and lights are insured.

Group size : 6 -12 people

Sample 3 day Itinerary

DAY 1.

Arrival, transfer from Vis harbour to Komiža. Arrival to the private accommodation, welcome drink, meeting the tour guides, program presentation and detailed arrangements. Dinner


Breakfast; Departure from Komiža, after a 20-minute drive we will reach cape Stupišće where a former cannon and rocket base is located. We will pass through the labyrinth of underground tunnels, see the remains of cannons and abandoned warehouses. After a tour of the rocket base Stupišće, we will continue driving to the next military tunnel ARK Vela glava. A tour of the tunnel, then ascend to the highest point of the island of Vis – point Hum 587. We will enjoy the view of the surrounding archipelago and town of Komiža. In the return, we will take a tour of the well-known Tito’s cave and hear all about the most significant historical events that have played here. Continuing driving through the inland of the island, we will visit the hamlet Talež (ancient ruins) where we will explore former military tunnels, loopholes and other military facilities. After Talež we will drive to the Plisko polje where we will visit former RAF’s airport. Late lunch in agrotourism in the inland.Return to Komiža the late afternoon hours.


Breakfast; Today we will explore the north part of the island. First we will visit tunnel located in the Red rocks. We will walk 30 meters through the tunnel and see facilities used by the former Yugoslav Telegraphic Agency (TANJUG). We will continue driving to the submarine tunnel Parja, built in the early 80’s of the last century. Sightseeing the tunnel and continuing driving toward Vis town. The British and Vis – fort George III, Sir William Host , fort Robertson, the Battle of Lissa (1811). After we have explored English forts and heard everything about famous naval battle we will concentrate on the ancient times and explore Vis during the Greeks and Roman Empire. Visiting Archaeological museum and sightseeing the Roman baths, mosaic pavements and Greek cemetary. Possibility of lunch in the town of Vis. Departure with afternoon ferry.


The program includes:

Prices excludes Flights, ferry, insurance, extra drinks


Months operating:

March, April, May, from 15th of  September,October, November


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