Why Alternatura?

We are not interested in great numbers and tourists in the form of baggage, we want to give ourselves to each and every one of you. This marginal Adriatic archipelago and our exclusive destinations can not stand a mass of visitors, and the activities we offer you – even less so!

No cheating – there are no groups comprising of more than 12 people. Our approach is “face-to-face”, with no room for cliché.

We are local people , outdoor sport enthusiasts and nature lovers who have passion in sharing it all with you.Our excursions and tours are designed in an educational and interesting way.

We are situated in the oasis of biodiversity found on the list of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) as among the ten heavenly places in the Mediterranean.

During your adventure holiday, your safety is our number one priority. Our guides are experienced outdoor sportsman that can handle situations that can happen on adventure tours and our equipment is safe, well maintained and of high quality.

We hold all permits needed to perform adventure and outdoor tours.